Juralangues, founded in 1991, specializes in translation, interpretation and language training.
Our job is to manage your translating, interpreting and language learning projects. Our service is based on quality, reactivity, meeting deadlines and confidentiality.

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Online French lessons designed to help beginners survive in France and approved by the French ministry of Education. These lessons are accessible 24/7 and are a great way to improve your French before you come to France.



Our conference and simultaneous interpreters are here to help for conferences, company visits, sales meetings… 


Our translators work exclusively into their mother tongue, are specialized by field of activity and are based in France when French is the target language. 

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Enjoy a short language holiday in the French Jura mountains. 


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Translated by Locals for Locals

Based in the French Jura Mountains Juralangues has been supplying impeccably translated documents to highly discerning customers since 1991.



  • Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture." Anthony Burgess
  • "Translation is like a woman. If it is beautiful, it is not faithful. If it is faithful, it is most certainly not beautiful." Yevgeny Yevtushenko
  • "If I am selling to you, I speak your language. If I am buying, dann müssen sie Deutsch sprechen." Willy Brandt
  • "When I think of this profession I think of priestly, tireless dedication to getting it right." Emma Donoghue



We supply accurate, polished translations in easy-to-understand language that flows as freely as a piece of original text. Presenting your products in plain language allows your readers to concentrate on what you are saying without wasting time trying to understand what exactly you mean.


Fields of Specialisation

Technical translations
Financial reports, instruction manuals, instruction booklets, catalogues and product factsheets. Oenology, Automotive, Plastics, Eyewear, Micromechanics, Clock and Watch making, Aeronautical,Tourism.
Legal translations
Articles of association, contracts, rulings,
Website translations
Marketing and specialised document translation
• Proofreading, correction and linguistic review
• Design and Copywriting of foreign texts



A team of professionals working only in their specialist field and into their own mother tongue ensure that your texts are rendered faithfully in translation.



We understand how important deadlines are to you and we always meet them



Your work is safe in our hands. We work only with trusted partners and only the professionals concerned have access to your documents. We regularly sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements with our customers.




 Translation Memory or Computer Aided Translation Software

A translation memory is a linguistic database that continually grows and “learns” from the translator.
All previous translations are accumulated within the translation memory (in source and target language pairs called translation units) and reused so that the same sentence never has to be translated twice. The more the translation memories are built up, the faster translators can work, thus accelerating delivery of translation projects and reducing the cost to the customer.
We work with the industry standard SDL Trados Studio. This is very cost effective for large and repetitive documents as well as for updates to manuals. Trados ensures consistency and quality within translations for customer satisfaction.


English into French translation


European and Canadian French differ and a   "European French translation" just doesn't work! We've established partners in Canada for Canadian French translation, and in France for European French. The language is also spoken in Wallonia (in Belgium), Monaco and Switzerland, and parts of Africa (European French is fine). 
English into French translation UK and Republic of Ireland clients (and typesetters!) are often surprised by spaces in French punctuation, found before colons : and semicolons ; - exclamation ! and question marks ?, as well as different "speech marks" - which in French translation depend on context, normally like « this » (note spaces) but like 'this' for reported conversation. Uppercase is rare - "French" => "francais" - and commas and points reverse in numbers, so 1,275.43 in English into French translation becomes 1.275,43

French correspondence is "fancier" - so English into French translation of letters may grow considerably. Equally, French into English translation often shrinks... less text doesn't mean we've missed something! Relationship also matters more - so for English into French translation of letters, there's a reason for our apparently nosey questions! 
Finally, English into French translation grows - up to 30% - important for translation of text to be typeset. This plus unusual French punctuation means French typesetting is best left to experts - we spot errors in 95% of clients' own French typesetting. 

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